Monday, December 10, 2012

My Little Gift from MMS!

Just look what I got in the mail today from Majestic Mountain Sage! Such a wonderful little box of goodies! This was my little "Thank You" from MMS for helping them in the "Fix Our Errors" blog project. I really love this company, I always order a little something from them every year. They are always very friendly with me and seem to send out my packages in a reasonable time frame.

In my little box, I received a one ounce bottle of Lemon Sugar fragrance oil, a little bit of Allantoin, Blueberry Seeds, Lavendar Buds and Calendula Petals.

Be on the lookout for some posts of what I will make with my little box of goodies. It is like Christmas come early for me.


CITR Holiday Swap Gift

One of the blogs I try to keep up on is Chickens in the Road. I love reading about Suzanne's farm, trying her recipes and looking at all her wonderful pictures. The forum is a really great place to connect, although I haven't been too active. I have been trying to limit my life online. I do homeschool three of my boys and work on Sunday School and Children's Church, so I am quite busy. Mostly though, it takes me nearly a year after having a baby to get back into a groove. Princess is such an easy baby most of the time, so I feel I can spread my wings a little sooner.

Back to the CITR forum, I'm not sure how many years they have sponsored a Gift Exchange, but I was part of it last year and I knew that I wanted to be a part of this year's. I want to share what I received. My gift was totally AWESOME! I love everything my swap partner chose to put in. Thanks to kellyb! I received a cute reversible apron, a quilted Christmas table topper, handmade vanilla sugar and vanilla extract and homemade simmering potpourri.

Isn't that some great stuff?! I'm taking some of the dried apples and orange to dangle from my Christmas tree. I'm gonna try the extract in my Christmas cookies and I've got a large mug of hot tea with some of that yummy sugar to sweeten it. I love, love, love it all.