Saturday, February 15, 2014

Messy is as Messy does

It seems that my daughter is well on her way to taking after her mother. I guess having four older brothers does help a little in that department. Growing up I was pretty much a tomboy. I like to think of myself back then as Rainbow Dash with just a tiny bit of Rarity (My children have been watching an awful lot of My Little Pony, The Magic of Friendship.) So last week when the boys took their sister outside to give Mom a few minutes on her own and I came out to check on them to find this:

 I wasn't too surprised. I thought it was rather cute. Princessa Flower loves baths so she didn't mind too much. Although rinsing the dirt and sand from her head gave me oodles of admiration for mothers of curly and kinky haired children. Her bathtub did resemble a beach when it was all said and done, but she walked out of it squeaky clean and ready for the next adventure.

Today I was a bit more irritated when I saw this:
What does she have on her face and hair you ask? Why, Little Duder reached up on the top shelf and gave his sister my first trial of cloth diaper friendly diaper rash ointment. Yes, Princessa slathered on diaper rash ointment all over herself. I'm a bit miffed at the waste of ointment though I am glad that it wasn't the store bought stuff. This ointment is basically my lip balm base with titanium dioxide and a bit of Polawax to help rinse it away easier.

I did wipe most of the ointment off her skin, though the stuff in her hair just didn't want to budge. I have to say once the ointment was exposed to the bath it started to rinse away very well. I need to test it more on the cloth diapers, but I'd say I have a winner as to the ointment. Now if I can only keep the Princessa from making so many messes...

Yeah I didn't think so either. I highly suspect that there will be many baths and clean ups in the future and won't it be wonderful!

I posted pictures on my Facebook and a comment from one of my friends inspired this set of posters: