Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Custom Nails with Brambleberry's Nail Polish Kit

Well of course I have been neglecting my blog again. Sorry folks, life continues to march forward. Honestly I've been intending to write but certain things keep popping up. My little Princess has been sick and I haven't felt too hot lately.

On with the show! Literally, I've had some time to play with some of my new toys this year and videoed myself playing around with my nail polish kit. Boy Genius had gotten me into watching reviews and how to videos on YouTube. He then wanted to publish some himself and that got me wanting to make some videos of my own. Well it also helped that a few of my friends wanted to see some visual tutes. I like to share what I've learned.

I really liked this kit. I think Brambleberry did a wonderful job putting together the items you will need to make some really rockin' nail polish. The only downside to the kit I could see is that I wish they had included a mini scoop or two. Thankfully, I did have some on hand, but I know that some people could have used them. On the bright side, you can mostly likely use those specialty measuring spoons (ie dash, pinch).

With my yearly restocking of supplies for my soap and lotion making, I decided to buy Brambleberry's Glittery and Bright Nail Polish Kit. It is only $24.99 and they have really reasonable shipping. I really liked the colorants offered by this kit. I have been wanting to do my nails ever since Brambleberry announced they were carrying the Suspending Nail Polish Base. I waited and waited for my order time to come around just so I could add this kit to it. It is a great starter to see if you really want to get into making your own custom Franken Polish. I confess I was very plain and didn't really mix many colors together. I really liked the colors and wanted to see them shine on their own. Next year I am planning to mix some of my own color blends and see where that takes me.

Supplies you will need:
The Glittery and Bright Nail Polish Kit
Mini Scoops or some small measuring spoon
Cotton Balls
Nail Polish Remover
Paper Towels
A working surface you are not afraid to get messy on (I used a notebook paper on the video, but I'd recommend a piece of freezer paper myself)

I did actually video when I first got the kit, but I really flubbed and made a huge mess. My children insisted on being in the spotlight and it really was too chaotic to publish. I will say that the first time pouring the nail polish base into the bottle was a disaster.  It was cold and I was too eager. The nail polish base was thick and didn't pour into the bottle in the narrow stream that I had watched on the Soap Queen videos. After I cleaned up that mess, I sat back and thought it might be because the base was cold and it was rather full. I promise when I get another one, I'll film pouring the first bottle again. I believe in learning from others mistakes. Who knows, I might get it right the first time. Anyhow, in the video I mention paper towels and nail polish remover but never used them on camera. Well it is still handy to have on hand IN CASE you make a mess like me. I used the cotton ball soaked with remover to clean up my messed up bottles.

Here is the video.

I hope you enjoyed watching it and gathered some useful information. Again, I really like this kit and I plan on buying more supplies to feed my new habit of Franken Polish.

Here are the resulting nail polishes:

  1.  Sheer Purple Veil: 4 mini scoops of Sparkle Violet Mica (Not included in kit, I just had some from last year)
  2. Candy Apple: 3 mini scoops of Cellini Red (this was the one I made on camera, also not included in kit)
  3. Turquoise: 5 mini scoops of Cellini Blue (5 is really too much, I'd try 3 next time)
  4. 80's Pink: 3 mini scoops of Red/Blue mica (this really takes me back)
  5. Soft Peach: 4 mini scoops of Coral Mica
  6. Stormy: 4 mini scoops of Luster Black Mica 3 mini scoops of Silver Glitter
  7. Dark Before Dawn: 3 mini scoops of Amethyst Purple Mica, 1/2 mini scoop of Luster Black Mica
  8. Disco Pink: 5 mini scoops of Red/Blue Mica, 2 mini scoops Fushia Glitter
As I mentioned I find that I don't much like glitter in my nail polish anymore, but that is just me. I got mica everywhere, I'm messy like that. I had so much fun making these. My Roosiers was happy to hear I plan on getting more supplies. He doesn't much care for the smell, but I think he enjoys the colors. I think he plans to be a Mad Scientist like me. :)

Please stop by again, there is always more to craft.


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