Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Being Sick is No Fun

Well as the saying goes, "The best laid schemes of Mice and Men oft go awry" (Robert Burns). Last week I had intended to make another video, but alas Salmonella broke in and attacked the whole family. Only Princess was spared. Salmonella is evil, just plain evil. Let me tell ya, trying to take care of mulitple sick boys while being sick yourself is NOT a picnic. So last week was just some down time for us to recover as a family. In fact, Cowboy Preacher is still not too hot right now.

I actually did do a video, but I kinda dropped the camcorder. So some of it went missing, which I needed. The rest of the video went bye bye. I'll just record another one. I hope you look forward to learning how to make some lovely cuticle oil. I really needed some, but I made extra to give away as gifts. It would make a nice Mother's Day treat.

Here is a picture of one recipe I am testing for shaving soap. I am looking forward to testing this soap out.
Next on the soap list is Pine Tar and some colorant tests for getting some lovely purple soap. Until the next time.


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