Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Getting Ready for Baby--PUL Diaper Covers

Well this is the last of my diaper cover reviews. It has been quite some time since I posted. I've been avoiding my blog due to life. I love all my children. Learning to live with 5 has been an adjustment. A new schedule always pops out, it is just this time, it has taken a little bit more time. Also, I haven't been around because I'm a bit lazy. Putting my brain to work so my words sound somewhat reasonable, shooting and editing pictures (because I love pics) and using naptime to the fullest are just too taxing at time. Yup, I'm lazy. But that is beside the point.

PUL stands for polyurethane laminate. Basically it is a polyester laminated onto a knit fabric. I love this stuff because I feel more comfortable about leakage than I had with the fleece covers. One side is shiny; the polyester side and the other side is a knit. They can come in many different print depending on which company you choose.

My first experience with PUL was when I had some extra money and bought some Thirsties covers on Amazon.com. I loved the fact that I could just fold a prefold newspaper style and lay it in. Number 1 were easy, just dump out the wet prefold, pat dry and add another. Number 2 was easy as well, but Rockbiter was a bit messy with that, so I just got another cover for him at that time. I loved the leg gussets, since even with the wool covers Rockbiter had horrible leakage around the legs. These were really cost efficient for me. Unfortunately, I only got two at the time.

They were very easy to wash. Drying was a snap. I didn't even have to put them in the dryer, just hang them on a hanger. There was some staining, but that could be sunned out if necessary. I didn't mind the stains, no one could really see them.

I had also bought a Bum Genius 3.0 at the same time as the covers. This is a one sized pocket diaper with a microfiber insert. Rockbiter didn't do too well with this as he got too hot. Princess uses this diaper quite often. My only complaint is that it didn't fit Rockbiter after 9 months. He has a longer rise than that diaper. I love the stay dry suedecloth (I think it is suedecloth, I may be wrong) inside. It really does shake off the Number 2 away quite easily. I don't even take the insert out anymore when I wash it, it usually just shakes out in the wash for me.

For Princess, I wanted to get away from the bulk and uncertainty of fleece covers and I knew that I wouldn't really have the time or energy to work with wool again (also price came into play here). So I sewed my own PUL Covers incorporating what I liked about the ones I had with the ones I've seen online. That may become a tutorial one day, we'll see.

I absolutely love my PUL Covers. They are very breathable. They are easy to clean and a snap to dry. My little girl doesn't have a skin problem with them. I love that PUL has become more available to home hobbyists as well. If your baby doesn't have a polyester allergy, then I highly recommend this type of diaper cover.