Saturday, November 14, 2015

Green Apple Tall and Skinny Shimmy

Well this week has been such a crazy week. My hosts are having an early Thanksgiving dinner this week and I have been trying to help out. Now of course I am down to the wire entering the soap challenge for this month. I have to say I think I need to practice a bit more.

This is my first soap, the colors didn't turn out quite how I wanted. I made the mold from foamcore as suggested, but I didn't follow the instructions too well. I made the box so that the skinny part of the mold was 2.5". Well I then didn't calculate for the new volume so my soap was squarish. I didn't achieve the cute little "s" design and I had tails. I also has a difficult time getting it out of the mold. So I went back to the drawing board.

This time with my leftover foamcore, I made a longer mold. I calculated the proper volume for this mold this time. I didn't have big enough paper cups so I used my condiment containers. Since my scent is green apple, I went with a graduated green for my color scheme.

I have to say that I did like using the paper cups as suggested. It was a bit difficult for me to keep the soap flowing down the side of the mold. I had trouble keeping my mold on one pencil of the other. The heavier the mold got, I had more slippage which may have been one reason I didn't get the "s" design. Plop! Ugh.

My nephew really wanted to help out
 I didn't want to leave the top plain, so I did a quick design. This soap was also difficult to get out of the mold even after waiting three days. I don't usually have to wait very long especially with a Trinity soap batter. Not in my neck of the desert and not with a water discount. Next time I will be using sodium lactate. I ended up having to shred that mold.

Here is my finished soap. It is pretty even though I didn't get the design I was hoping for. I love how the colors turned out.
I do plan on making another mold, though with the plastic sign board my friend gave me. It is blank. I am going to try again. That is once I get my things back from storage. I had so much fun doing this soap challenge, it has helped me so much get out of a funk. I look forward to the next one.

Carol H.


  1. Well, great job! I love that the challenge helped get you out of funk. No one likes the funk! :) The minute you said green apple, I thought, Uh oh. My green apple fragrance sets up like a rock in half a second, but obviously yours is much better behaved!! Love those colors - and next time you'll get that shimmy! (Sodium lactate sounds like a good idea.)

  2. I was considering using condiment bottles too, instead of the paper cups and I also found that it wasn't easy getting certain batches out of the molds. This was a challenging challenge for sure, but your coloring is great!

  3. Nicely done! Condiment bottles are a challenge in themselves so good for you! Your colors look great!

  4. I really love the colors you ended up with. My mouth started watering for a Green Apple Jolly Rancher when I saw it! Great job!

  5. Little needs to work on technique. Selection of colors stunning! Good job!

  6. Thanks everyone. I am going to be trying this again since I love the design. The clean up of my condiment bottles is fairly easy since I deliberated bought wide mouth. I am so happy to hear that everyone liked the colors. Try, try again. :)

  7. Love your colors - perfect for green apple! Even if it didn't do exactly as you wanted it is still lovely!