Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Happy Boy!

The light was really good this morning in my living room so I decided to take a few shots. Who am I kidding, I was just going for the shots. :D Any how, this is my favorite so far. A lot of shots I took are blurry because I moved or the subject did, lol. But I do believe I like this one best.

Shea was following my tickling hand, and I just got this pic but fluke. I love to take pictures and some are good. I'd like to think this one was. My boys know I like to take pics, and they mostly let me, but after awhile, they get antsy.

I just love his expression, it is just sooo cute. Can't tell he is teething a bit, now can you? He he, I love his sunny attitude.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Coconut Milk Dream Soap

Just felt like writing, so here it is. I made some coconut milk soap a little bit ago. My boys helped a bit, but they left when I was going to get the lye. They were disappointed but I know them, they would have started to jostle each other then accident.

This batch was a mostly liquid fat with just a bit of coconut and a touch of beeswax. I had a false trace, mainly due I believe to my extremely low temp to start off with. It did take a bit to get to trace. I scented it with some sweetcakes fo called "Santa's Pipe". I hope it turns out well. I really shouldn't try new recipes with such a large batch.

I unmolded it the next day. It was still really rather moist and a nice creamy color. It has been drying almost a week now and I noticed some color change. It is getting darker, almost a taupe color now. I suspect there is a bit of vanilla in that FO blend I used, but that is okay. I will try and remember to come back here and let you know how it lathers up and all.