Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Some of My Recent Soaps

 This first soap is Strawberry Facial Soap. It is made with strawberry puree, coconut milk, rose kaolin clay, rice bran oil, coconut oil, palm oil, castor oil, cocoa butter & sweet almond oil. I strained it so it shouldn't have any seeds in it. I'm hoping it will make a really nice gentle soap for my face. It was supposed to cream and pink, but I think the fragrance oil is discoloring it a bit. I used Citrus Strawberry fragrance from Nature's Garden. It is a lovely scent and I will be ordering it again. I've heard that strawberry fragrances fade out in CP soap, so I'll be watching this to see what happens. I made this nearly three weeks ago and it was still a little sticky when I cut the rest of it today. I will have to learn more about water discounts for this one. It did ash on me, but that isn't a problem, just looks funny.
This next one is one I formulated to be coconut-free for a friend. I haven't figured out what to call it so far. I used the crockpot hot process method on this one. I love how the rhassoul clay looks marbled in this soap. It is made with rice bran oil, sweet almond oil, palm kernal flakes, palm oil, castor oil, mowrah Butter, distilled water rhassoul clay. It is scented with Nature's Garden Apple Mango Tango. It seems to be a very good formula for hot process being very loose for marbling, I will be making this again. 

I'll be testing both soaps for lather and skin feel this next week. Nature's Garden is a new supplier for me. So far, I am very happy with them. I love all the fragrance oils I ordered. I did have a problem with the sample they sent me, it gave me a migraine. It was a wonderful scent, but I'm glad they sent a sample because now I know that I can't really handle it, so I won't order it. One reason I got into making my own soaps is because I am sensitive to certain scents and strong scents. I am blessed that I don't get migraines that often. When I make soap, I tend to make them less scented than other soapmakers. NG is a great company altogether with lots of stuff I'd love to order. Ah, one day, one day....

It is nice to get back on my feet after this pregnancy and Princess is settling into a routine. I've still have a lot on my plate, but it is workable. The Lord has been very good to my family, and I thank Him for that. Now, time to work on my Autumn Swap soap.

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