Thursday, August 29, 2013

2013-2014 Homeschool Curriculum--Little Duder (aka Rockbiter)

When people find out that I homeschool my children, they usually ask what curriculum we use. I think they expect to hear that we use Bob Jones, Saxon or A Beka. The BIG names. Usually I have to think about it for a few minutes because, well, we don't use just one system. I wanted to homeschool to be able to give each of my children their own individualized program. I want to encourage their strengths and improve their weaknesses. I don't want to be limited in any one program that may or may not work for any one of my children. Also, I do not have a lot of money to spend so I have to be very crafty on how to spend my allowance on curriculum. I want the best bang for my buck, so as much as I would love to get one of the big names with a full curriculum packet, I cannot. Besides, we seems to do a hodge podge of learning styles I think we are almost unschooling. Almost.

Here is what I have chosen for Lil' Duder. He is currently 3 1/2 years old as of right now. He is fiercely independent at times and is extremely curious. This year he is joining his brothers in school because he won't get left behind and loves to copy his brothers. He is very intelligent and watches everything closely. Lil' Duder is my only southpaw.  He gets easily frustrated because he is unable to get it correct the very first time he tries a new task. He loves attention and is eager to please. Lil' Duder also loves to show off, just like his big brothers.

Lil' Duder will be doing two pages out of Christian Liberty Preschool activity book each school day. He will also be doing two pages of Building Thinking Skills: Beginning ages 3-4 a day. I also printed up a binder from Confessions of a Homeschooler. I really liked the idea of a daily notebook. I have some extra worksheets and coloring books to occupy him. Lil' Duder has a pretty good attention span and likes to keep busy so I need "makeup" sheets for him. I'd like to keep it simple for him in the beginning but already it is pushing me to give him more and more work.

I will be adding some lapbooks for him from Homeschool Share. I think he will love that. It will be fun to read him the stories then to work on the various activities offered by Homeschool Share. I really enjoy lapbooking and look forward to creating my own components so I am not limited.

Lil' Duder will join the rest of the family in the Bible Study, Science and History. I will go over these more in depth with one of the other boys' curriculum. We will be doing these subjects together. Each child will be doing an activity or worksheet appropriate to their skills. This system just works better for our family.

Lil' Duder will also be using the Easy Peasy online curriculum to kind of round things out. All more boys seem to enjoy it very much. It is a wonder and a blessing and I am so glad to be able to use this wonderful free resource.

We will also be doing various activities and crafts throughout the year from various places online and from books from the library. I really love working with preschool things. There really are so many wonderful resources online for this age group. I look forward to seeing Lil' Duder expand his brain in the coming year. Don't you just love seeing the world through the eyes of a preschooler?

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