Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Here is what happens to hot soap

You know, I really don't think cp soaping really agrees with me too much. My friend Cydnie and I live in the same type of climate and she is able to make milk soaps rather well. In fact, in the summer, her home is way hotter than mine since I have a jet engine of a Air Cooler. I've had to rebatch all of my milk soaps. Not too bad really, they turned out fine rebatched but that was not the point. I wanted some nice cream colored milk soap. What I got was the nice tan milk soap and had to rescent the soap. Which if you know, the FO's and such can be the most expensive thing. *Sigh*

Today I made two soaps with the same oil; Coconut. The first will be a solid Dish Soap. Gonna try this out since when I do dishes by hand I usually end up putting the soap on the sponge and go from there instead of into a sink of water. The Second was destined as a Shower Bar for my dear Hubby. He likes my salt spa bar, but the salt can burn his skin so he doesn't use it very often. (I didn't even put in the recommended lb per lb amount of salt either) This was my Seaside Milk soap. 100% coconut oil with milk, allantoin and a tiny bit of honey.

I was worried about the milk soap overheating, because as I said before, that has been my problem. It was a lovely happenstance that my freezer was a bit on the bare side, so I put the Milk soap in there since the outside temp wasn't as cold as I hoped. Here is a pic of the mold with a plume of the "Soap Volcano:
Kinda cute, really. But I will look at it carefully when I unmold it. If I have those stalagtites and caverns I will have to rebatch. Again. I think that after this, I will probably stick to my fav Hot Process. I haven't had any problems with that as yet.

What is unexpected was the "Soap Volcano" from my solid Dish Soap. It too was 100% coconut oil. This wasn't superfatted at all and I did take a water discount on it. I soaped both of the soaps at room temp which is 68 degrees. I just melted the oil enough to melt, then added the rest of the oil solid and used my sb on it to break it up a bit. Here is some pics so you can enjoy the "Volcano" effect. Pretty neat looking. I do plan on using even the soap that fell into the cardboard box.

If you can't laugh at yourself ...

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