Thursday, January 22, 2009

Seaside Milk Soap--->is ok!

Well, Thank the Lord, I don't have to rebatch yet again. I cut the soap today and didn't find any oozings or caverns or anything. It still needs to cure a bit, but all in all I am happy with this soap. I couldn't find my soap cutter and so used a knife. As you may tell, I didn't cut very straight and the very end the soap crumbled. I decided to experiment with my rubber stamps. Just need to remember that fresh soap is not like hard oak. IE don't use a lot of force. lol

So here are my pics. I didn't want to get out my setup for my backdrop to take the pics so I just used my very messy kitchen island. If you can't tell, then my camera is doing its job. he he.

This is my 100% coconut soap. I used milk, allantoin, and a bit of honey. I knew it wasn't going to be a nice white soap, but I had hoped that it would be this nice golden color. I know it will eventually fade a bit, but I am happy with the color. I scented it with some ocean fragrance oil but I can also smell the honey. Side note: when your husband is a super sniffer, don't put a fresh batch of milk soap under his nose. Lol, he smelled the ammonia smell real good and no you don't what to know what else he thought it smelled like. I had to refresh his sniffer with the bottle of FO to get the awful smell out of his nose. Poor thing, glad he loves me so.

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