Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sea Life Crayons

Recently, Boy Genius and Skinny had a birthday party. Being of limited funds, I wanted to make something for their goody bags. I thought recycling some crayons would be neat. This is really easy to make and my boys had a lot of fun doing it.
First, if you have any broken and old crayons, now is the time to use them. Strip them of their paper wrappers. Having some boys who like to take the wrappers off crayons is extremely helpful. Break them in to little pieces and place them into like color piles into the container you will melt the crayons into. I'm using an Aluminum muffin pan. Now we need to melt these crayons. Being of a frugal mind and living in the High Desert, I'm using a solar oven, ie my van, lol. You can place these in the oven at 200 degrees F. Just check in 20 minutes, don't bake for too long.
When the crayons are melted, the fun begins. Take a candy mold, melt and pour soap mold, silicone ice cube trays or anything you want to use as a mold that can handle a temperature of about 150 F. You can mix colors anyway you choose to. The crayons I melted in my van was a little cooler than the oven. I had to let the oven crayons cool off a little between mixing cause they were like water.

Set aside until cool and solid. These popped out of the mold real easy. My boys were so excited to try them out.

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