Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Totally Disorganized

Well, we made it to Arkansas without any mishaps. Thanks exclusively to the Lord. We had to leave a lot of things behind and due to my procrastination, many things were packed willy nilly. After a month, I'm still trying to find things. Two weeks ago, I went looking for my iron and found my husbands boots, a few of the boxes that held stuff from my desk and some kitchen things. I did not, however, find the iron. Yesterday, I found the iron. It was on top of the refrig. Go figure.

I'm down to one sippy cup for Rockbiter. Those silicone straws and soft top cups are a waste of money for that one. He just bites the tops off and then there is sticky liquid everywhere. The one remaining cup is purple with pink glitter sparkles with pink and purple flowers that have been mostly rubbed off. Thanks to Grandma H for giving us Cousin C's old sippy's. I don't know what I would have done without them. The one hard sprout sippy went missing Day one at the new place. Vanished, without a trace. Frankly, right now, I do NOT want to find it. It had milk in it. If it comes to light, guess where it's going. I have a thing about spoiled nasty milky sippy cups.

I have one dress. My charging cord is missing from my laptop. My craft stuff is littered over several boxes in the packed "Craft" room. I know I'm missing at least two boxes of Kitchen stuff. And the boys still have about 8 trash bags of their old room outside. Sometimes, I wonder if I'll ever find the missing stuff and feel settled.

The good news is that my Living Room is shaping up. I've been cracking the whip and the boys' rooms are decent. Might as well start them off early how to keep their rooms neat and clean. It feels great making dinners again instead of eating that icky packaged stuff. This place is smaller than my last place. That is a plus in my book. I want this place to be better organized than our last place was. My work station is almost set up. I went from using this HUGE office desk to a student desk and my ol' Rolltop knockoff. It is great, I love the new setup.

I don't have a dishwasher, isn't that great?! I know, that sounds weird. Girl, you are a family of 6! That's a lot of dishes. Actually, there's a pile of them right now, but I'm working on getting a routine down. Just a bit behind, but I am gonna make it. I've been very discontented with dishwashers in general. I don't like having to "preclean" the dishes before putting them in a dishwasher and then even then having to clean them again after the cycle has been done. The boys are gonna learn how to wash and put away dishes.

Despite being disorganized and still not finding the things that would make it easier, I'm really happy in our new place. Our new church family is great. The parsonage is wonderful. The weather is beautiful and I'm beginning to feel at home. The Lord has been very good to my family this past year and He continues to bless us. In my chaos, I stop and give Thanks to God. As always, He has been the rock to which I know I will always be able to anchor to. He soothes my soul. Thank You

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