Thursday, August 4, 2011


Do you remember these? I think they are Linking Cubes. Around my house they are called math blocks/cubes. I remember them as boring lines to help figure out simple math problems. Never gave them much thought and didn't think of them as anything other than something boring. After all it only has one prong, how much can you do with it?

Well My boys proved me very unimaginative in the least. We were gifted with several of these math cubes a few years back. I knew they were used in math, although I didn't use them all that often. My boys saw all sorts of opportunities with them. Right off the bat, they were creating things with them. My boys love Transformers, so of course, they made transformers. They would made figures that had movable arms and "transformed" into vehicle mode. Granted in vehicle mode, you might have to use more imagination by they transformed. 

Being a Craft lover, I try to instill that into my boys. After all, crafty is not just for girls you know. We do a lot of crafting together. But sometimes my boys just blow me away with their imagination. I try not to say, "Hey that's impossible!" Usually, I try to see what they boys will do to make their idea happen and the results often are quite stunning.

Here is a recent examples of their imagination:
Bumble Bee
Capt. America

Red Skull

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