Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Weather in Weatherford

As you know, I am in the process of moving. We are moving from Arkansas to Arizona. This is supposed to take 3 solid days of driving. I had all the stops planned. Food and snacks for the trip were bought and stored away. Well guess what? Yes, we are stranded in the middle of Texas.

The winter storm that blew in seemed to chase us. I know really that we were driving into it. The roads were wet but still very drivable. We got off to a late start with the piddling things to load up our moving van with. Then of course, we had a little hiccup in that our suburban broke down. Some sort of alternator connection thingy. We were only able to get to the outskirts of Dallas.

In the morning the world was ice. There was ice everywhere, but I looked at the weather and the map and figured that if we could just get past Weatherford, we'd be golden. Then it took all day to get thru the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Let me tell you, when the sign says that there may be ice on the bridge, that is such an understatement. My GOODNESS, the overpasses in Dallas and Fort Worth are darn right scary when they are iced up! We made it to Weatherford around 4pm. I said I quit, I'm not driving in that in the dark. The road was crazy thick with ice and parts were melted, making it even more treacherous. Our minivan's alarm, which is being towed, went off several times.  

So here we are stuck in Weatherford. I hope we can leave soon, but in the end, I'd rather not drive in such icy conditions again. Not with my precious ones. But there is beauty in every situation. So while I await the thaw, I leave you with this image. I took this picture today. A truck had come in to the motel for a room. The couple drove from Arlington. It took them around two harrowing hours. It really was a beautiful find.

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