Friday, June 12, 2015

I Know Who Holds Tomorrow

I have a great Lord and He has given me several amazing friends. They have come through shining with the light of Jesus. At the very least our possessions will be put in storage through the help of many of my friends. Thank you so much.

To my friends I want to give you such great hugs as you have uplifted me and listened to my concerns. When tiny irritations have popped up, you, my friends have sent encouragements and prayers.Thank you so much.

As I begin to sort through my things to make moving and or storage possible, I want to thank all my supporters. Yesterday as I was doing my morning chores, I was singing because the Lord through you had made my heart glad. It was amazing because the little flock of birds that live in the palm tree beside the parsonage were joining in my song. That morning was alive with life, love and music.

I love that I have friends from many walks of life and different faiths. I so value their contributions because they help me to grow as a person. You are a kind bunch of people who have no problem telling the truth. I want you to know who much that means to me.

Now I need to be back to packing, but I wanted to share with you a song that has been lurking in the back of my mind. I love to sing this song and now the words take on an even deeper meaning for my family.

May the Lord bless you for your kindness to my family.

On a side note: I had two friends stop by the house yesterday to do a quick soap session. I had loads of fun even though I didn't really get a chance to impart most of my knowledge. I love making soap and I love teaching others about making soap. Thank you for the diversion.

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