Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Cute Idea -- Colorful Burp Cloths

This is not a new idea, but I thought I would give my spin on it. I have a lot of Gerber Prefold Diapers. These are not a good idea to actually use as diapers cause they don't hold it all in. Some may have heard this elsewhere and been wondering why. After all if you are going to cloth diaper, at least they are in the retail stores. The reason why is that although Gerber does have the nice cotton birdseye on the outside, the padded part of the diaper is not birdseye as well but polyester batting. But they are great for mopping up spills, polishing lint free and loads of other things as well.

So I have these plain white diapers destined to be used as burp cloths while Rockbiter is still a baby. Being strapped for cash much of this year and last year, I'm frankly tired of the squeeze. Nothing much I can do about it for now. This is when the best ideas usually come about. It's Spring! Plain ol' white isn't gonna due. I would love something bright and cheery. I also what something that can wipe up the baby's face without scratching. Something that can be washed time and time again. And most of all, something dead easy since my time is taken up with 4 active boys.

I saw a blog where that mother used ribbon to liven up her burp clothes. I have ribbon, but kept putting off the project. Yesterday it came to me. I have a box of fleece strips that were leftover from a V.B.S. craft. I kept it thinking, I'll use that craft again someday, but it would be really cool to find another use for them. What do you do with little strips of fleece? Since they were so wonderfully bright, colorful and soft, they are perfect for this little project.

In the end, I don't know how much time I took making these, but it wasn't long. I sewed them really quick while Rockbiter was taking a nap. The fleece strips were all different widths, but mercifully mostly the same length. If you wanted to do this, you'll most likely start will a big piece of fleece and make nice and straight strips the size and width you want. I don't mind the irregular widths, it looks pleasing to me. This is an easy sew, just straight seams. I used a straight stitch, but a zig zag would work as well.

I put a couple of strips of fleece in the middle outlining the padded area on some. I sewed a couple on the outside edges on others. That is a good idea cause sometimes these seams come apart. On a couple of cloths, I sewed on some fleece loops. These you need to take some time and sew them on good. I went over these several times. Then I sewed a fleece strip over the loops. I think Rockbiter will like this one.

This was very easy. I didn't measure at all or use pins. I cut off the extra fleece cause I like an even look. Fleece is great cause you don't need to hem it so it won't unravel. Sew and go. :-)

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